Pink Chrysanthemum

I started a new approach with mandalas earlier in 2014. The art is more representational rather than the geometric abstracts I have been doing. My cousin Vince, who is also an artist (great wildlife: see categorized them as Zen/Almish/New Wave/Retro. I guess that means it’s hard to say what they are so I’ve decided to call them Folk Mandalas.

In designing them I begin with some familiar image, sometimes mythic, sometimes natural, and go from there. For some reason I made 20+ ‘mermaid’ or water related mandalas – what would Mr. Freud say about that!

I am not a draftsman or illustrator and many have a primitive look to them. I think they might classified as decorative art rather than fine art. Designing them is a thought-free zone, bringing about a peaceful state of mind. The meditation is in the making rather than in the viewing. The medium is ink and markers on Bristol board. Here is a sampling.


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