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I have decided to consolidate my art blog (this one) with my writing blog at MarieTaylorInk since the topics can often overlap in one way or another. If you have been following this blog, I invite you to go to and sign up there for updates. I have set up an art gallery there and will be adding some new work soon. I am also debating whether to transfer some of the posts/essays from here and if so, how to do it. Any ideas? I will keep this blog as is for a month or two.


5 thoughts on “Blog Transfer

  1. Dear Marie,

    Thank you for sharing your creativity with us all. I am a lay Ch’an practitioner and wanderer on the trackless trail and am in the process of setting up a website based on Ch’an/Zen wisdom and it’s relevance in our social lives. I have titled the pages with a selection of your beautiful Artwork which I feel encapsulates Zen visually. Please find here a link to the temporarily uploaded unpublished site and ask your permission to use the Artwork, if indeed, you find it is something that you find agrees with your personal integrity.

    With Kind Regards

    Heng Kong


    1. I feel very honored to have you include the artwork on your website as I am a long time student of Zen wisdom. I would ask you put at the bottom of each picture used “More artwork at” as I will be ending the separate ‘art’ site soon. Please let me know when you go live, and I will link to your site and announce it in a post. Namaste. Marie


      1. Dear Marie,

        Namaste and with Metta. The pleasure is mine to host your artwork. I will post the link to your alternative site so others may enjoy it too. I will indeed let you know when it is live and searchable by content as I will be adding a few more alterations etc. It is a duty to make sure what I put out to the world comes from the empty mind ground and is without too much verbal guff that deserves 30 blows!

        Kind Regards

        Heng Kong


      2. Dear Marie,

        I have updated my site with details of your new site and in context with the artwork. It is also part of a small piece on a page called ‘Zen as Art’. If you would like you may publish a link to the site in it’s current form at;

        I will be purchasing a domain name over the coming months at a time that is a little more settled in my current circumstances and the site will be able to be searched by it’s contents as well as it’s current direct address. Thank you again for the use of your Art and hope it may find many more like minded people

        With Metta

        Heng Kong


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