Time to Bloom

morning gloryWhen I went outside today I was astonished to see one beautiful blue morning glory flower in bloom in a pot I had on the patio. I had never expected to see it – in fact, I had even planted another viney bush in the same pot – for I had planted a package of morning glory seeds in the spring two years ago.

The first year produced only a few thin spindly vines, so last spring I tried again but with much the same results. But now, in the waning days of Autumn, one lone vine has produced a bloom. Were the seeds perhaps from the southern hemisphere and therefore beating to a different solar drum than here in northern California?

I am delighted with this new resident at my home and closer examination has revealed a few other buds among the greenery. With the winter solstice only six or seven weeks away, plus the steadily decreasing night temperatures, I fear these sun-loving flowers will not long be here. I can but admire their spirited drive for life and expression regardless of the circumstances. There was no debate in their seedy minds, no weighing of consequences and outcomes, for blooming so late and so recklessly.

I will take it as an example to myself. Although there may be times and seasons more advantageous, there is no limit, no perimeter beyond which creativity and self-expression is wasted. Why wait for just the right moment, the ideal circumstance, the most propitious environment? In fact, the humble morning glory is proclaiming that now is the perfect time to create, the perfect time to bloom.


One thought on “Time to Bloom

  1. That is so beautifully inspiring…
    Thank you my friend. Today is Gaby’s B’DAY and I am having a dinner party for her,where she invited her closest high school friends. I will read that for them. – What a gift !
    Thank you,


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