Desert Dream
Desert Dream

This was a great week for good news. Three of my pictures were accepted as part of the Feminist Festival as the University of California at Davis: selected were “Cat’s Paw,” “Harbor,” and “Desert Dreams.” (I’m pretty sure all three are posted on this site.) The exhibition will run until the end of April.

In trying to find new avenues and markets for my work, I have been contacting art consultants in California. These are individuals or companies who will work with corporations, hospitals and other public places in the buying and displaying of art. (Somebody has to put up all those pictures in offices and waiting rooms.)

So far, two companies have expressed interest in my work, Art Consulting Services of Sacramento and Soho Myriad of LA, Atlanta and London. I’m hoping these ventures will bring in new opportunities.

While I am waiting for more rice paper to arrive, I have been imagining how it will be to segue into larger format pieces. Usually my work averages 18 x 24. I’m going to move up to 24 x 36 or larger which is very exciting and will demand new brush strokes and approaches. The larger size paper will also require larger brushes to continue in the wet on wet, one-stroke style I enjoy so much. It will be several weeks before I have anything to show and share.
Meanwhile, check out my writing website at where I post once or twice a week .


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