I’ve burned through all of my paper supplies and will now take a few weeks break from the visual. I commented on this cycle on my writing site at, “Post Script.”

Tree line 7 x 7
Tree line 7 x 7

I’ve added an addendum of nine new pictures under the “NEW” page on this site (the first nine you see). All of these were painted on a sized rice paper sometimes called ‘glass’ paper for its onion skin-like thinness.

Glass paper does not accept moisture like the Shuen paper I typically use. Whereas the Shuen drinks up the ink/water and bleeds quickly, ink/water on the glass paper floats for a while on top of the paper. When it sinks in, the intensity of the ink is often diminished. On the other hand, the ink easily swirls and fractals through the water to create some very interesting details.

I’m continuing to dabble in adding water color to the ink work. Often times I overdo it and don’t like the results. I’ve included a couple of sketches in the addendum.

Some good news … I have been contacting art consultants in CA (these are people who do interior design for hospitals, corporations and the like) because I think the ink brush art can be very suitable for these types of environments. Art Consulting Services has agreed to represent me to their clients and I am very happy about this, not only because they have access to potential buyers that I do not, but because they will be responsible for all matting and framing – which really saves me a lot of out-of-pocket money.

Another happy result of this new relationship is that they prefer larger sized art so I am starting on pieces that will start from 2 by 3 feet – a big change and one that requires bigger brushes! I have been pondering for quite a while about moving up in size but have been put off by technical challenges. I’ll have some work to show in a couple of months.

Thanks to all of you visitors who have kept me inspired and motivated.


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