111I just learned that one of my mandalas is being used by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology to publicize this year’s conference in Reston, VA. The theme for the event is Integrating Science, Psychotherapy and the Healing Arts and will be held over Memorial Day weekend. The speakers and topics for discussion look very interesting. Wish I could attend – but it’s a long way from Sacramento!


The main reason I continue to draw mandalas is the peace and healing they bring. When I am working on one, my mind is focused on design and free of worry thoughts. If the attention wanders, it can usually be seen after the mandala is completed. Sometimes the lines are not clean or symmetrical or the colors are blurred or muddy.

All art evolves and I have not made appreciable changes to the mandala designs for a year or two. It’s time for change – but I am not sure what the next step is.

On the Zen Brush front, I have started a new round of painting and look forward to being surprised at what comes up. Meanwhile, Happy New Year to all!


One thought on “HEALING ARTS

  1. Bryn

    Hello Marie, yes, that is how I came to google you! I love the mandala. I am not clear which pieces of your art work are for sale for $10 items, or if you have any left! Thank you!


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