I can’t believe I have uploaded a video on You Tube!!! I am so not technical but necessity forced me to hunker down and figure out the MS Movie program and then You Tube. Holy cow! what next???

In a couple of weeks I’ll be displaying some of my mandalas at the central library in Roseville. They are not ‘fine art’ as it may be strictly defined (I use artist markers on card stock) but the creation of mandalas definitely assists in attaining a meditative state. Therefore, rather than just displaying the mandalas themselves, I decided to create a little movie of them. There are about 100 different ones in this clip which lasts about ten minutes. It will be displayed on a wall at the library on opening night and at a computer station after than.

Now that I’ve taken this first baby step in multi-media, I must admit to dreams of future grandeur.  Here’s the link-


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