I have been painting the last two or three weeks and put any writing aside to keep my mind focused on the visual. I have run out of rice paper and while I await a new shipment I am using this time to ‘mount’ the work that has been completed to date. Mounting means gluing another layer of blank rice paper to the back of the art work to stretch the paper. This makes it stiffer and flatter, more suitable for framing.This cycle of painting has thus far produced about 30+ pieces of which perhaps four or five are pretty good. The rest are acceptable and will probably not get to the framing stage. The subjects include some landscapes, some abstracts and the remainder a combination of the figurative and the abstract. This last category is my personal favorite. I like a painting which suggests the subject rather than states it.

I am still learning about ink and its nature. I have a tendency to go too far and use too much. My lesson is to study the power of white space and emptiness. I suffer from the ‘not knowing when to stop’ syndrome which is not only found in my art work but in life in general. It’s that decision of mind, rather than instinct, that says just one more stroke of ink, just one more layer of shadow, etc. and as a result the piece is crowded, muddy or overdone. It is this same attitude that results in overeating and hang overs. Happily, there are a few times when I ignore these baser impulses and say ‘enough’ and put down the brush.

Meanwhile, I have been preparing for the November show of my mandala work and plan to feature a ‘movie’ or slide show of the mandalas as part of the exhibition. I am using the MS Movie program and adding a music background. This is my first foray into ‘multimedia’ and I am excited about the possibility of future projects. As soon as I am done, I will post a link to the movie file.

Meanwhile, here are a few samples of recent work.


3 thoughts on “ART TALK

  1. These are beautiful works, Marie. I love ‘Afternoon’ – the way the shadows of the cypress trees and the furrows in the field make a chequered tablecloth…

    May I use these in a future ‘zen space’?



    1. Sure, always happy to work with you. Just put a link to my art site somewhere in the credits. Glad you liked Afternoon. Right now my favorite is Refugees – but it changes periodially. Marie 😉


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