This must be mandala season for some of them are showcased in the online haiku journal “The Zen Space” – Created by Scottish poet, Marie Marshall, the quarterly journal offers a delightful selection of contemporary haiku. Submissions are welcome. Drop by and savor the words.


I’ve been invited by the Roseville, CA central library to have an exhibition of some of my mandalas for the Third Saturday Art Walk in November. Besides displaying a dozen examples on the walls, I am undertaking a daring venture – at least based on my level of technology – and putting together a slide show/mini-movie of mandalas that will be projected either on a wall or laptop. I have 150+ mandalas right now and this is an opportunity to have a real overview of the many different color palettes and approaches.

In addition, during the opening night I agreed to give a short presentation/demonstration of how I create mandalas. It’s been a long time since I’ve made any public speeches so this should be pretty exciting – which is another word for nervous.


I’ve also submitted some of my ink work of flowers to a gallery in San Francisco. Crocker Art Museum of Sacramento is also accepting submissions for an exhibition and I plan to offer some of the abstract ink work for consideration. The ink work, particularly the abstracts, are, like Scotch, an acquired taste and not to everyone’s palette.


I’ve been helping an artist friend put together a formal proposal for a museum exhibition as well as creating a ‘brochure/portfolio’ to send to high end galleries to market her work. You can see some of her work at She is a wonderful painter – large canvases, strong color sense, minimalist/non-objective approach. I’m hoping that these efforts help her move to the next level in getting the attention her work deserves.

I’ve really enjoyed developing these materials as they combine my love of the written word with a graphic design approach. The fact that I’m working with a fellow artist makes it that much more satisfying.


As fall rolls around I always get into an editing frame of mind and have begun reading through the posts I have written this year at I’m compiling many of them into a book that I will probably make available as an e-book or, at least, a PDF version. I’m somewhat reluctantly learning about the various e-book platforms and formatting challenges. I’ve also designed many art cards and small gift items that I’d like to make available via an online store – more to learn how to do!

thanks for stopping by. M


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