A few weeks ago my son Jason and I stopped in Walnut Grove, a little riverfront town south of Sacramento. During the 19th century, many Chinese immigrants came to Northern California to work on the railroads, gold fields and agriculture. Walnut Grove was one of the little towns they settled in.

Next to the general store was an old wild west type building that had recently been renovated and turned into an art gallery. After talking to a representative I learned that the building had formerly been the headquarters of the Chinese branch of the Masonic Lodge. Go figure! Anyway, they ended up calling it the Tong Gallery. My oriental brush seemed like a natural for the gallery and this weekend I’ll have five pictures on view there.

I’ve also gotten word that the community center of West Sacramento has accepted my proposal for a show slated for April of 2013. It’s a beautiful gallery with great lighting. Since the show is nearly a year ahead I have no idea right now what I’ll present. A lot can happen in a year.


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